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Embolectomy is the emergency surgical removal of emboli which are blocking ICD-10 Lungenembolie circulation. It usually involves ICD-10 Lungenembolie of thrombi blood clotsand is then referred to as thrombectomy. Embolectomy is an emergency procedure often as the last resort because permanent occlusion of a significant blood flow to ICD-10 Lungenembolie organ leads to necrosis.

Other involved therapeutic options are anticoagulation and thrombolysis. Emboli are abnormal masses of material which can be solid, liquid or gas that are carried in the blood stream from one part of the circulation to another causing a blockage occlusion of a blood vessel that leads to lack of oxygen supply ischemia and finally infarction of ICD-10 Lungenembolie downstream of the embolus.

The most common type of emboli are a blood clot generated by thrombosis which has then broken off and is then transported in the blood stream see embolism. Surgical embolectomy for massive pulmonary embolism PE has become a rare procedure and is often viewed as a last resort. Thrombolytic trophischen und Geschwüren Diabetes-Behandlung has become the treatment of choice.

Surgical or catheter embolectomy is normally performed in ICD-10 Lungenembolie with pulmonary embolism formed from venous ICD-10 Lungenembolie. Embolectomy is used for patients with persisting shock despite supportive care and who have an absolute contraindication for thrombolytic therapy. Embolectomies are performed as limb-sparing techniques for arterial embolisms in acute ICD-10 Lungenembolie ischemia.

However, there are also other options, such as catheter-directed thrombolysis and anticoagulation with observation. It can also be used for other ischemias due to embolism for example mesenteric ischemia and stroke. Typically this is done by inserting a catheter with an inflatable balloon attached to its tip into an artery, passing the catheter tip beyond the clot, inflating the balloon, and removing the clot by withdrawing the catheter.

The catheter is called Fogarty, named after its inventor Thomas J. Possible complications of balloon embolectomy include intimal lesions, which can lead to another thrombosis. Catheter embolectomy is also used for aspiration embolectomy, where the thrombus is removed by suction rather than pushing with a balloon. Surgical embolectomy is the simple surgical removal of a clot following incision into a vessel by open ICD-10 Lungenembolie on the artery.

Outcome of embolectomy varies with size and location of the embolus. Although this is a high mortality, it click here have life-saving potential in some instances.

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