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❶Allergische Thrombophlebitis|Allergische Reaktionen gegen Pyrazolonderivate | Springer for Research & Development|Allergische Thrombophlebitis Thrombophlebitis, Geschwüre und Behandlung der unteren Extremität|Tromboflebitis - Danish - German Translation and Examples Allergische Thrombophlebitis|Kounis syndrome (aka allergic acute coronary syndrome) is defined as acute coronary syndrome (symptoms such as chest pain relating to reduced blood flow to the heart.|You have sent too many requests causing Linguee to block your computer|Patent EPB1 - Coating for biomaterial - Google Patents Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis]

Kounis allergische Thrombophlebitis aka allergic acute coronary syndrome is defined as acute coronary continue reading symptoms such as chest pain relating to reduced blood flow to the heart caused by an allergic reaction or a strong immune reaction to a drug allergische Thrombophlebitis other substance. Acute coronary syndrome ACS is usually associated with a constrictive allergische Thrombophlebitis in the chest, characteristically with radiation to the neck or the left arm and often associated with pallor, sweatiness, nausea and allergische Thrombophlebitis. In allergic ACS there may also be specific symptoms relating to the underlying allergic reaction, such as swelling of the face and tonguewheezehives and potentially very low blood pressure anaphylactic shock.

In allergy, mast cells release inflammatory substances such as histamineneutral proteasesallergische Thrombophlebitis acid derivativesplatelet activating factor and a variety of cytokines and chemokines. These mediators can precipitate coronary artery spasm and accellerate the rupture of atheromatous plaques of the coronary arteries. This interferes with the blood flow to the heart muscle and causes symptoms otherwise indistinguishable from unstable angina. It is possible that even in people without direct evidence of allergy, the allergic response may be playing a role in acute coronary syndrome: Three variants of Kounis syndrome are recognised: The management of these patients may be challenging for clinicians.

Although beta blockers can be beneficial in ACS, they are contraindicated in Kounis syndrome. Also opioidsindicated to relieve chest painmay induce massive mast cell degranulation which in turn will worsen the anaphylaxis. They should hence be given carefully in such patients [4]. Treatment of the allergic event alone can abolish type I variant.

Giving vasodilators such as nitroglycerin or calcium channel blockers is recommended. Antihistamine and mast cell stabilizers e. Corticosteroids, antihistamine, vasodilators such as nitroglycerin and calcium allergische Thrombophlebitis blockers are allergische Thrombophlebitis when appropriate. The use of mast cell stabilizers in association with steroids and antihistamines are allergische Thrombophlebitis. Harvesting of intrastent thrombus together with histological examination of aspirated material and staining for eosinophils and mast cells should be undertaken.

Allergische Thrombophlebitis allergic symptoms are present learn more here stent implantation, desensitization click here should be applied. While there are several older reports of possible allergy-mediated acute coronary syndrome, the first full description is attributed to the Greek cardiologist Nicholas Kounis, who in reported on the possible allergische Thrombophlebitis of allergy in cases of coronary artery spasm.

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